The Chiro Retreat Croydon is Michaelson Lam’s brand new chiropractic wellness clinic based in the heart of Croydon; where he has lived and practiced for the past 10 years serving his local community.

Our Mission: To help as many families as possible to optimal health through natural chiropractic care.  

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Chiropractic is the art of making fine adjustments to the small joints of the spine and extremities to restore its normal function. When our bodies are exposed to overwhelming levels of stress it goes into a protective state where the spine can make negative compensations. Often due to poor lifestyle choices and poor ergonomics, spine related problems are becoming more common. Our spine is designed to protect our spinal cord and nerves, whilst allowing an incredible amount of movement. It makes sense to make sure we take a proactive approach to spine and nervous system health; much like most do with looking after their teeth. We believe your health is in direct proportion to spine and nervous system health. Your Spine is a “Window” to your health and nervous system. Come to the  Chiro Retreat and find out how to unlock your true health potential.

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Physio Therapy

We are very pleased to inform everybody that we have the fantastically talented Mr David Priest MCSP joining our team in the new year 2021. Mr Priest comes highly recommended in the local area by both the public and other health care practitioners. We are lucky enough to have him on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week. please call/ text or email for more info.

Massage Therapy

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Poor Posture

During this day and age we as out door animals have to spend the majority of our time indoors. We are putting our bodies through a lot of stress that it is not necessarily designed to be put through. Especially after CV19, with the increasing use of computers, laptops and other devices, this has caused a lot of our population young and old to suffer from poor / deteriorating posture. Here at the retreat we have a dedicated posture rehabilitation gym directed by Michaelson Lam offering bespoke spine rehabilitation programs to suit your every need and help you reach your health goals.

Computer Desktop / Laptop Ergonomics

Throughout the 10 years of practice Michaelson has been performing many health events (Pre CV19) around Croydon / Central London. During this time he has acquired the skills and knowledge to help you optimize your workstations at home or at the office. Be it a laptop in bed or a dining table. No matter how horrific your set up at home / work; We Are Here To Help! Get in touch for some top tips.

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Bespoke Home and In-house exercise programs

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Michaelson will be in PPE at all times during clinic hours. PPE consist of Type 2 R Surgical face mask, face visor and single use apron and latex free gloves.

There are various sanitizing stations situated within the clinic.

Clinic schedule has been changed accordingly to clean equipment between practice members.

Michaelson Lam has been COVID tested on 23rd DEC 2020 Result: Negative. Confirmed by Surrey University Hospital (Guildford).

Call or text now: 07949738744
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